Many Hands Makes A Lighter Road

“ Men anpil chay pa lou.”

"Many hands makes a lighter load" is a proverb from the Haitian-creole language from my native land of Haiti. I utilize this proverb to exemplified this section of the blog; where I will be sharing my personal stories and that of other young woman such as myself. In doing so, we will lighten the load of past pains and  allow healing to take place. 

So in this process, I will share the stories of many young women and old that have been hurt, abused, manipulated;  in an effort to help alleviate the load and burden of sadness, sorrow, depression and even suicide.

It is hopefully by sharing these stories that other  women who are currently going through similar situations will also have a lighter load on their hands; for if we join together and share in each other's pain then we will truly be delivered.

So stay tuned for more insight, on life, business, and personal growth.

In the meantime I leave you with this:

“We are all the same it’s the magnitude of what you do that sets us apart.”

If you or anyone you may know would like to partake in  sharing your story in this section please feel free to contact me  with your request @


Thanks for stopping by!

Nathalie Philippe