The Pencil Skirt: the Female Liberator?

The pencil skirt has a fascinating history, one that spans several countries. Though the first pencil skirt was a result of fabric rations during the war which cause designers to limit the amount of fabric used in women's dress. Simply because the cost was to high to continue with the traditional skirts. Many couture houses were shutting down; the world was changing and its fashion followed suit. Hemlines got shorter, separates were growing in popularity, and less fabric meant less strained on an already dwindling economy. 

Much of the pencil skirts creation has been attributed to Christian Dior, as part of his "H-line" collection in 1954. Though the pencil skirt came about as a result of the war, it gave way to the sophisticated sex appeal that many strived for in "The Flapper" era of the 1920s. 

Did you know?
Skirts were initially worn by both men and women and was much more a signal of the wearers status. Skirts were for those who were able to lounge around and didn’t have to work. They were not meant for the working class- they wore pants.
— Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible

I call the pencil skirt the female liberator because though it may appear constricting to the opposite sex. The Pencil skirt gives woman an added confidence unlike any other. Unlike many other skirts before it, the pencil skirt mimics the female form perfectly, cinching in at the waist, while gently floating down to the hip hugging every curve effortlessly. Not to mention, that the pencil skirt always seems give emphasis to a woman's "derrière" as the french put it. The pencil skirt causes women to walk in a slight wiggle which forces the wearer to walk pace-fully but with much intention. You might want to consider avoiding long walks while wear this skirt.

I wore a wrap variation of the pencil skirt here and a near trumpet variation here.

Think Jessica Rabbit for my looney tunes fans, or those that love black and white films as I do; you see this evident in movie-stars like Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge.

Like any fashion piece we currently have it all stemmed from somewhere and though today we have a thousand variations of the pencil skirt. We must give thanks to the foundational garment that gave birth to the pencil skirt- the hobble skirt(we'll discuss in a later post). However, I would like to give much credit to the early Egyptians, who focused so much on angles and how garments draped on the body; adding much seduction to the female form. The Egyptians were all about form and beauty, a woman's body was to speak way before she did. 

The Pencil Skirt is a must staple in your wardrobe. Every woman should have a black pencil skirt to say the least and add on from there. I promise you, you won't regret it. Check out this quick set, on the 5 skirt types you should have in your closet now. As always with any outfit the two main components are Confidence and Boldness. The person makes the outfit not the other way around.



-Peace, Love and Great Coffee!



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