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Patience: The Key To Winning Daily.

Patience: The Key To Winning Daily.

Everything is so fast pace now; before you can fully grasp one thing another has appeared. Sometimes there is so much going on at once in the world; I am not sure I can catch up. This is the world we are growing up in and these dynamics cause us to be more and more impatient everyday.  Many of us don't read because we feel like it takes up to much time. So we prefer videos, quick snippets of information in 30 seconds. We are just soo busy right?

 Photo by  Uroš Jovičić  on  Unsplash

Remember when we actually had to call a taxi and wait for the call saying it was outside. I know it seems like ages ago, right? Now if my Uber says its 10 minutes away I start getting antsy like the world is about to end. 

"Is my driver coming?' one minute seems like ten and already I am coming up with a back up plan. Crazy? Tell me you haven't done it?

Patience. We need so much of it to survive in this world.

Life is a never-ending cycle of ups and downs, and no matter how difficult or how peaceful our lives may seem in the moments. They are but fleeting moments taking up space and making way for the next to come. Come to understand that life is such, don't complicate it. Be patient. 

Accept but one thing that as the subject of these events we have the power to humbly accept them as they are or relentlessly pursue better alternatives. Though I must warn you that no one side is easier than the other. Be content in whichever you choose; because choosing is the easy part. Waiting and allowing our choices to manifest is were we all fail. We hate the waiting game.

Your decision must remain your decision. We all change our minds here and there but in order to enjoy the moments as they come no matter how difficult they may seem.We must have the conviction of knowing that the choice was ours. We chose it. We must stick to our guns, especially in the process.

It is much easier to patiently deal with what has been handed to you when you know the circumstances are a part of your choosing. You will work harder when you know you are the responsible agent. That is your power. Your ammunition. You are in complete control.

Own it. It is your Life. Live it well!



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