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All Black + Leopard

All Black + Leopard


So not to longer ago, my friend/business partner decided to take a well-needed road trip to North Carolina out of all place. I know it sound pretty weird but honestly; we narrowed it down to 3 locations and pick a city out of my brown fedora. Voila! North Carolina! And may I add for a tropical girl cold weather and I are not friends; as you may noticed by my ensemble.

Long story- short what started as a random adventure ended up becoming a group road trip, including several other young adults in our ministry in North Carolina; experiencing a new city, visiting an amazing church and for many new weather. Check out my outfit details and excuse my goofiness I was overly excited.

Post details:

Dress: Zara

Scarf (old): Ross

Shoes: Old Navy

Leather Jacket( old): Zara


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