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How to Mix Prints Confidently

How to Mix Prints Confidently


Mixing prints is so intimidating because your thinking, "man I don't want to look crazy " especially when it comes to prints that are more vibrant. It's challenging because its a fine line between effortless and "what the hell".

Okay , lol I am exaggerating but nonetheless, its close to that. Here are 4 quick tips to ensure you makes your prints without all the stress and look super chic doing it.


1. Choose one central color

I call this your "background" imagine you're on a canvas; your central color becomes your base. Everything else built up from your central color.

ie. My color for this outfit was Blue. If you guess it you are already off to a good start.


2. Use Geometry

No, I am not sending you back to high school, and I promise no math required.  However, this ties in perfectly. Here's how... make sure you stay relatively in the say family of shapes, patterns, and design. Pretty much if top's design includes squares, try to pair it with a bottom that has squares or rectangles something in the same family. This tip gives the illusion of one solid pattern.

ie. Circles + semi-circles, Squares+ rectangles, Stripes+ Stripes/Zigzags, and so on...

IMG_0541 .jpg

3. Perfect Fit

This is very important. Make sure the pieces you are pairing together have somewhat similar fit. Why? It just looks more tailored and so much more flattering. 

If you are going to wear a pencil skirt in a bold + bold printed top, it is wise to wear a top that accentuates your body. After all, your clothes should not overpower your body but rather accentuate it. You are the focus not how bright and colorful the outfit is. Which bring me to my finally point...


4. Be Confident!

Confidence is your best and most important accessory. If you are confident in what you are wearing it will give off that energy into the universe. Be bold. Be daring. Be Confident.


My Outfit details:

1. Top : Thrifted - Similar here   &  here

2. Ankara Print Skirt: Made in Haiti-Designed by Me - Similar here

3. Shoes: Steve Madden - Similar here

4. Structured Bag : Tjmaxx - Similar here



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