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The Package

The Package

The greatest gifts in life come in unexpected packages. Ask anyone who is a mother, if they ever knew who their child would become? How much that child would impact their lives - the answer is rarely a solid yes.

Not because we don’t have expectations or goals for the children we bare but the outcome is far beyond anything we could of ever imagined. Our perceptive of what we receive does not always line up with the reality.

Earlier this year, I made a prayer to God. I said these simple words; “ Lord, I want to stop asking. I want to start receiving.” In that moment, so much flashed before my eyes, my childhood, my talents, my struggles, wins, you name it. And then silence. Here, I was so blinded by my own self –doubt, guilt, anger and so much more that no matter how great or rewarding the blessings that came my way. I could never appreciate them. I was so stuck on the packaging. 

My vain eyes would not allow me to unwrap it, instead I disregarded them because of perception. I had this fictitious imagery of how my blessings should come- how they should be displayed in my life. That view did nothing but turn my life upside down; no matter how much I received and people outside looking in would say I had.

I could not see it.  

Truly, we ask for a lot of things, perfect family, loving boyfriend /husband, amazing friends, successful career and so on. And many, I will go as far to say we get what we ask for but so many turn them down because it didn’t come in the right package. Getting the package is one thing, peeling off the wrapper and receiving the contents is another. 

Have you missed out on your blessings because the package didn’t look like something you expected?

Love to hear your story on receiving just what you needed?


Peace, Love and Great Coffee!



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