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Dancing With Butterflies

Dancing With Butterflies

As a young girl I remember how I loved to watch the butterflies soar from flower to flower; and every now and then some would soar so high above the trees, I thought they would touch the clouds just to come right back down and kiss the flower petals again. I was fascinated by their beauty- their process. I would imagine what kind of butterfly I would be? Would I be one of those that was speckled with so many colors that they resembled the rainbow. Or maybe the very rare ones that was solid on the outside but in the inner wing was filled with vibrancy as the flowers in full blown declaring the entrance of spring.

“Oh how I dreamt, as a child, to be a butterfly, the things I would do. ”

Whisper secrets to the trees, kiss the flowers each morning because their beauty inspired me and tell the caterpillar how beautiful it is. For without the caterpillar the butterfly will seize to exist.

Yes, butterflies fascinated me, they were so free…something I wanted to be : Free. So,  I would dance with them and kissed the flowers as they did.  As I reminisced on these moments, I realize one thing has yet changed. I am still overlooking the caterpillar and rushing to the butterfly.

I would find myself staring at a caterpillar wonder where he was headed but only for a few moments because I would quickly be distracted by the butterfly. But what is a butterfly without the colorful wings and ability to fly- a caterpillar.

As an adult, I know something now that I did not know then; the butterfly can be a distraction. It is great to aspire to the great beautiful things; however, is not the caterpillar great as well. We are always rushing to the stage of fully development that we overlook the process. What comes out of the cocoon stage is highly dependent on what you put in and how you nourish that time.

Before dancing with the butterflies, you must first know what type of butterfly you will be. Your environment should not change you but rather you change your environment.

The beautiful thing about butterflies is they all have different habitats, climate preferences, lifespans etc. But, you can never tell the difference, the only thing you see differentiating them is color.

Just as the butterfly, no one will know your story, where you’ve been, what kind of struggles you’ve had or the length of your journey. All we see are the colors you display, it is your job to let the world know of your process.

We know and see you are different, but butterflies’ wings never tell you the kind of caterpillar they were.

“Share your story, tell your truth because you never know who is in need of an opportunity to dance. ”

Will you be the butterfly that causes a young girl to dance without care?


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