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Why You So Skinny ?

Why You So Skinny ?

“When you know who you are, even the wind will lower its howl so that you may speak.”

— Nathalie Philippe

Slim Jim! Slim Jim! I was 10 and the kids were cruel. The distance from school to home was too long; and had no detours. Oh how I hated primary school days. 

There is a boy, he was mean, I mean really mean. He had reddish brown hair, toffee colored skin and eyes that pierced through your soul. And I was his target. 

“Slim Jim", he called me. Why? Because kids are cruel. And I hated him for it. I didn’t need to be reminded that I was the tallest girl in my class, taller than the boys and also the skinniest. Puberty, had passed me by and refused to come back. 

But here he was the boy with the piercing eyes had found me, and refused to look away. He always, had something to say :” why are you so tall?” “why you so skinny?” I had no answer. Heck, I wondered myself but I stared at him with discontent because he refused to let me forget. 

Oh the boy with the piercing eyes, he was so cruel. How dare he? 

He never stopped and soon enough, I realized his way home was also my way home. Oh how I dislike him. 

The journey home was long, each day seemed longer than the first. And there came the day, when the sun shined and the flowers took noticed. The boy with the piercing eyes, was at it again-“ Slim jim!” “Slim Jim wait up!” 

This was it. The wind slowed down, the trees hummed and there I stopped and faced the him. 

I confronted him. I was no longer afraid, I told him off and made him learn my name. Because I had learned my name. In that moment, I realized people call you what you allow them to call you. When you know who you are, even the wind will lower its howl so that you may speak.  

He was no longer boy with the piercing eyes. He was Ezra and I was Nathalie. 

Peace, Love and Great Coffee!


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