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Willing Hearts Transcend Time

Willing Hearts Transcend Time


I met a couple of women in college who tested my view on religion and spirituality. I was of a different faith and what I knew of theirs was only from research. While this has very little to do with religion, I used it as a foreground for something far greater. These encounters taught me discipline, strength, love and true faith. In a world filled with distractions, I saw consistency in even the weakest moments.  It was far more than the religious acts, and beliefs but the true intimacy with God.

Needless to say I never thought years later, distances away we would be friends, but among other things I learned friendship doesn't always mean proximity or regularity. True friendship is bonded by an unseen thing. It is far greater than we can ever imagine. We seem far apart but internally ours heart would without a doubt sacrifice.

Has it always been laughs and giggles no? However, it has been real. I have my pit falls but as I write this, I see a group of women who became sisters in an unlikely way. And it reminds me of the friendships my mom talked to me about during our coffee sessions. The friendships that are not in the limelight but even distance and circumstances could not break. They are banded by something greater than we as man could ever understand. She called it sincerity to translate it loosely in English. 


Friendship is not easy, and as hard it is to believe it cannot be taught. No amount of books, lectures or conferences can teach you. The greatest teacher is life-experience and the very thing itself. Everyday is a lesson and each moment is an opportunity to let go and let your heart take control.

You cannot buy friends, many of us try and fail epically; nor can you decide when they come and go. That is far beyond our jurisdiction and I believe God does an awesome job at that so I leave that job to Him. But you can nurture them and love them even when…

-trouble comes, and your trust is tested remembering we're imperfect humans with imperfect actions

-you question if this is worth staying around and fighting for

-it doesn't look how the world tells you it should.

I find it odd sometimes that when something good happens for a friend I find myself in such a state of happiness as if it is my win. Just so as sorrow comes, I can’t help but feel their sadness as well. I don’t believe I will ever fully understand it.

And all along I cannot say when it started, what triggered it, what created trust, what maintains trust, all I see is willing hearts. 

So, all I ask you is your heart willing? 


Dedicated to the women who became real life characters in my mom’s coffee-time stories. May this love travel over the seas and oceans and through time to reach you and back.



As always, Peace, Love + Great Coffee .




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