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Big Girls Do Cry

Big Girls Do Cry

Over and over again we tell ourselves we can't cry because we are responsible adults and responsible adults don't cry. BS. Life is hard and the older you get the more difficult the obstacles, so it's okay to let your guard down and admit. Crap! I am scared, I am frustrated, I have no clue what to do next. It's Okay!

It is in your honesty , that you will began to see clearly. Lying to yourself or anyone else for that matter only creates, more and more confusion. You won't be able to think rationally until you pour out all the clutter from your mind and body. In order to get good in you have to pour out a lot of  bad.

Keeping your emotions and struggles bottled in is like trying to fill up a bottle filled with sand with fresh water. No matter how many times you pour in water you will always get sand in the mix. You need to take time to empty your bottle and wash out all the junk.

We fall victim to this so often, we're putting up with the circumstances and not allowing a moment of weakness  or vulnerability. Don't get me wrong I am not saying to suffocate yourself  in your sorrows. No no! rather to give your mind, your emotional being the opportunity to fully experience the emotions that are clouding your mind and zone in on the why?

Why is this impacting me so much?

What other emotions does this situation bring out of me?

Why can't I seem to let this go?

Emotions are meant to be expressed, observed and dealt with. Once you do the first 2 then you can get a concrete idea on the why and how to deal with that emotion when it arises. Believe me you will experience the same emotion again in one form or another. It is life, we go through cycles. You will just be better prepared to deal with it in the future once you face it head on.

I am not telling you to go on a emotional rampage, again I repeat I am not telling you to go on an emotional rampage. Yelling at someone or being hurtful because you want the other person to feel how it feels, is unhealthy and needless to say detrimental to your relationships.  But it is wise to keep everyone close to you in the loop of what is going on- so they can be the support system you need in the way you need it.

We all have support systems in one way or another- whether family or close friends- you have somebody. And if you don't, find someone; if you are truthful and honest with people, 95% of the time you will get the same in return. You find support systems in the most unlikely places; I have been blessed to not only have a sister but an amazing group of friends who have become sisters. 

It is not easy at first but after you find the root of your problem, believe me you will deal with any situation like a Boss!

Write down your feelings and what caused those feelings to be drawn out. Sometimes you are re-living a childhood memory, or even drawing in old feelings.

Write down your reaction and what the person did? or details of the situation. I can not emphasis writing down the details of the situation enough. We often over-react over a minor situation because instead of seeing the coworker that just criticized your work. You see your mom pointing the finger at you and calling you stupid. Emotions are tricky, and they change forms. You have to be on top of your A game. Be alert.

Get Clarity. Yes tears come when you are overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and so many other things. Your  job is to figure out what is the cause of the issue. Tap into your inner voice, let your intuition guide you. Pray about and really dedicated quiet time to receive a response. Nothing just happens.

Above all, remember we're all go through something. We all cry once in a while and no matter the age - it's okay. Big girls cry too.



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