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Courage in Love

Courage in Love


Courage + Love

fearless pursuit

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Many people spend their entire life living in fear. Fear of heartache so they do not love, fear of failing so they don't try. However, what life offers us daily are not simply challenges but constant opportunities to showcase our bravery. So, that all may see our courage.

When those challenges no longer haunt us we are able to see that our entire life was built on opportunities to be brave. And today, like the many days before and those after, are simply there to liberate us from ourselves. Because everything we fear, should not be feared but embraced— it is liberation in the deepest form. Love liberates us, it lifts the chains of captivity we place on ourselves daily. Love gives room for childlike imagination and allows the mind to wander freely. And so, we are afraid of it for fear of control. 

Our dreams are endless, our visions-out of this world; they are only achieved when we offer no limits and let go of control. The best things in life, are often those that are not planned, they appear to simply manifest—something like a miracle. Inexplicable by science or nature, and yet so well received because we know deep in our souls it was exactly what we needed. 

Love has a way of bringing grown men to their knees and strong women to tears, it causes children to dance with the wind and babies to laugh with tears in their eyes. It is well...unexplainable and incomprehensible yet so tangible. 


Love and Fear. How do the two tie together?


Many for fear of judgment do not embrace who they are better yet cannot love themselves because it does not fit into what already is. Fear and Love cannot abide together in one place without one overpowering the other. Truly, our deepest desire is too let love conquer. We spend the majority of our lives trying to realize this but fear fools us to think that love is dangerous, and is here to take control. For fear of losing control, we run away from love though it tugs at our hearts every day. Constantly urging us to be strong, to be courageous. Love offers this challenge daily- Be courageous!

Love of another, of our work or of this world is all an act of courage. It requires taking a stance. Even if we are standing alone, know that we stand with love and that is all the support we need. 


Will you be brave? Will you show your courage?



As always, Peace, Love + Great Coffee.





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