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Who Are You ?

Who Are You ?

On a daily basis you are challenge with one thing: Who are you?

Each day you must answer that question as if it is the first time you are asked.

I know you may be looking at the screen and thinking huh or really? But yes, it is that simple. Everyday you wake up, while  breathe is still within those lungs the challenge remains the same. Your identity?

What road to travel?

Who you will impact?

What work will you do?

Who your friends are ? Or  Who will they be? etc all revolve around one key question.


Who are You?

Repeat after me... Who am I? Who am I? How you answer this question will put a face to a once faceless individual. 

 Self-awareness, is absolutely necessary for one to succeed.  A conscious understandings of your desires, wants, needs; will help you prioritize what is most important to you. For some it is money that drives us, others it is the thrill of the challenge, whatever the matter being self-aware is the beginning. 

What will your answer be today?

 I challenge you to do this simple exercise for at least a week, write down your response to that question daily.  Now after doing this for about a week or so; reflect on your answers, evaluate changes in your response- the emotional feeling and response behind the answer. 

Dissect your responses. Question them. Choose the most consistent and build upon that. 

Everything in life is about foundation. Once you have a solid foundation everything else is a cake walk. But will talk more on building walls soon.


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