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Black Leather + DIY Palazzo Pants

Black Leather + DIY Palazzo Pants

Recently, I saw a pair of Palazzo pants online and I wanted them soooooo bad and was ready to hit "add to cart"; until I saw the length. Ugh!! It was too short. It has always been a struggle finding pants that are long enough and flattering with my height. 

Being tall is not always so great especially when it comes to clothing. All my women who are blessed with extra height will understand. It's so nerve-racking. So much so, if I find that one pair of pants that fit; I buy it in every color because I probably won't  find another pair until a leap year rolls around.

Okay, now that I vented and feel much lighter. LOL!

I decided to just make my own pair and I love love the final product. 

Here are the Outfit details, Enjoy!

Jacket: Zara

Bag: Aldo

Palazzo: Made by me. Fabric and zipper purchase at Walmart

Necklace: Random guy at DC street market (sorry I don't even remember the name of the area)


Peace, Love and Great Coffee!!!



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