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Simple And Chic Style For The Lover Of Everything Black

Simple And Chic Style For The Lover Of Everything Black

IMG_0141edit I love being colorful here and there but there is just something about an all black outfit that is effortlessly chic when done with your body in mind of course. Not to burst any bubbles but just wearing black does not guarantee that your unwanted parts will be hidden. In some cases, they are more noticeable.

First things first, no matter what color you are wearing, the garment that you choose to wear must compliment your shape. Certain pieces, no matter what size you are, are just unflattering period.

Wearing an oversized shirt that is not tailored in any way whether you are petite, tall, plus size whatever you choose to label yourself, is just unflattering.

You will either look like you are swimming in the shirt or you are trying to hide something.


Keys to looking chic in black:

  1. Never forgo fit and figure.

Know your body. This is by far the most important thing.

Forget what the magazines say fit you or look best, not every magazine is catered to everyday women. If you are unsure of how something will look, do not eliminate it because you are told it's for a center body type.

Try it on.

IMG_0619 edit

2. Seek comfort and style will follow

IMG_0618editTo keep it simple, your focus should be to not only look good but feel good.

I am huge on fabrics and using ones that are comfortable on the skin when I sew. As you may not find any interest in that, here's a shortcut.

When purchasing in-store, rub the fabric over your skin a few times and pay attention to your reaction. The skin knows.

When trying on any garment don't just strike poses in the mirror but do a few quick movements, slight walking in place and wait for your body's reaction. I promise you will thank me. A few extra seconds will save you a lot of money and stress.

Simple and chic-All black outfit


3. Confidence! Confidence!

Black is beautiful but what makes this type of outfit and anything else stylish and chic is the woman wearing it.

Be confident. You rock the outfit.



Top: Here

Jacket: Here

Bottom:  Here

Bag: Here


IMG_0645 editIMG_0179edit

Dressing your body properly is so important, hope this helped.


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