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Historic Beauty

Historic Beauty


What I would give to go back in time and experience some of the transformational periods in history. Something about the past captivates me, the trends, the things that took place, etc.  At times I have to bring myself back to the present to not get lost in daydreaming. What we consider vintage nowadays was someone's everyday life; I wonder what the generations after us will say about these times.

I like to think as we remember the past a part of it stays with us. Forever, revealing more and more to us. That was my experience on my most recent city hop.

I find myself getting lost in the colors of the city, the vibrant colors and the melange of scents captivate me. I constantly stop to admire the architecture and listen to the stories each door tells. This was Albany, an old small town captured in the big city. Many people have walked through these streets and left their imprint the very place I stand.

Yes, this was Albany. It brought me back home. The vibrant colors, the narrow staircases, and tiny hallways; I was drawn back to Cap Haitien. Cap Haitien, Haiti that is my hometown, the city that has my heart and has never let go.

IMG_0286 ed

This was no Haiti, but it definitely came close, though much quieter and less lively. I can say it did something to my soul. While I was visiting the University of Albany ( though I barely took any pictures of the campus). I found myself taken by this underrated city.

I loved the openness of the city and its history. As you clearly see in my pictures, I took so many pictures in front of buildings, of buildings- well, you get the picture. While Albany does not compare to the other more active parts of New York, it is definitely a place to consider if you want some city with the feel of suburbia.

My outfit details are pretty simple, I am in head-to-toe Forever21, and all pieces under $10. Savings money, to experience more real-life moments like these.



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