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Looking Taller & Slimmer With Stripes

Looking Taller & Slimmer With Stripes

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in the sunshine state; one would mistaken it to be Spring already. I can't wait for spring officially though. Until then I will make due with what nature has provided with much gratitude. However, today's outfit is all focused on accentuating the female form, minimizing the unwanted areas while enhancing what you love.

Stripes is the perfect thing to do just that. 

Let's start with vertical stripes, a garment with vertical stripes is great because when worn properly will elongate the body. For example, the top that I am wearing, it elongates the torso and makes me look much taller. However, by adding a solid colored bottom I control the amount of length it gives off. Maybe your are a bit on the shorter side, wearing a vertically striped skirt will elongate your legs, therefore make you appear taller and slimmer.

Likewise, if you wear a horizontally striped skirt, you will appear wider- (I have met very few women that want that) but nevertheless, its good to know.  For example, if you are trying to diminish focus from your hips and tummy area, a horizontal stripe skirt, is not the best idea. 

However you can further accentuate the right places by using this simple trick:  to elongate torso and add height, add a vertical stripe top, cinch in the waist and add a fit and flare skirt on the bottom to give you that coveted female form. Yes, stripe and stripe can be chic and fashionable, if you follow these simple tricks.

*Horizontal Stripes - Adds width & makes you look wider/ gives the illusion of wider hips when worn on the bottom.

*Vertical Stripes -Adds height and gives the illusion of longer legs and torso. 

Always remember  with every outfit the cherry on top that makes or breaks it is always Confidence. You can never get enough of that.

Outfit Details below:

Top:  Holgram Clothing Similar here

Skirt: Forever 21 - similar here

Shoes: Too long to remember  here

Clutch: DD Discount - similar here

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