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Mirror Mirror: Are you just another reflection of the masses?

Mirror Mirror: Are you just another reflection of the masses?

Its scary to watch yourself morph. As you are becoming, you feel different, to feel the process and to see the two versions of yourself collide; its overwhelming. Change is an obligation God has given us and though often it may seem draining, yet we continue because we know it is necessary.

While fear is always present in one form or another. What I have come to see is this; by far the greatest fear is that of becoming. The being that was conceived and birthed with purpose. The dichotomy of the human being has forever been the need to know self. Who am I? Am I who I was created to be? Whether you believe in God or not, or perhaps you believe there is a higher power out there; this thought has crossed your mind more than once. Who am I?

Oddly enough many people never do, never say, never act because they are afraid of what will come out of it. While we often give blame to how people will view us, I strongly believe that fear is an internal mechanism we use to not move fully into ourselves.

Who you are today, will and does not depend on the masses nor on what they are saying. It is all on you. You are in control, you have the authority and power to say no. Since the beginning of time there has always been a talking public, every inventor, man, woman has dealt with them. You and I are not different.

The story of Henry Ford will forever fascinate me, because it proves this thinking to be false. Here, was a man who had lost money, bankrupt and yet had the audacity to tell a group of experts that he wanted to built a car engine that everyone said would not work because it was impossible to even create. No formal education or experience on the latter, and what some will deem a foolish business man would not relent and now we have Ford motorcars rolling around all over the world. 

Oh did I mentioned , this was right after, a failed business? Yes, the masses are not the issue, but place the mirror in front of the only individual that can kick fear's butt. You!

You are your own limitation, now will you dare to stand and face the mirror. It's a life or death decision. Okay, maybe not as drastic but what is a life that is not lived?


Love to hear your thoughts. 


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