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Self-Expression - An Open Window To The World.

Self-Expression - An Open Window To The World.


IMG_1027 copy I have not posted a style diary post in a few days and I would love to say its because of some huge setback or otherwise occupied, but to be frank it's not. Life just happens, and I need time to center my focus. The great part about having a space like this allow is sharing the ups and the downs. Especially, when I am in a space of transition and discovery. These are often the moments when I am conflicted and often a bit hesitant to do anything because I am fighting what I already know, what I am discovering and what is totally new to me.

I am experiencing all of it. It is beautiful yet overwhelming all at once.

IMG_1071 copy

While my style and what I view to be beautiful has not changed much; however,  how I choose to present it has. For those who follow my journey, you may find it confusing and even a bit inconsistent but as an explorer at heart, I say to you, "that is the beauty of the journey".

Discovering the unexpected, sharing it and discovering again. While my core-being remains the same, the choice of expression will continue to vary.

I am an evolving being in a world filled with things to discover.

I am discovering them.  I encourage you to do the same.

IMG_1078 copy

IMG_1097 copy

Never lose yourself in the process, that is the only stipulation.

Exploration is all about finding something new- discovering the unknown places and using what was discovered.



What I am wearing:

Top: Scarf

Bottom: Palazzo pants made by me


IMG_1121 copy

Are you currently creating?   How has the process been for you? Challenging? Exciting?

Share your thoughts below.



As always, Peace, Love + Great Coffee.


Patience + New Skills = New Dress

Patience + New Skills = New Dress

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