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Say Bye To Boring WorkWear

Say Bye To Boring WorkWear

It's been a while and I can't begin to explain all that has taken place within this past week. I've  learned I suck at staying up-to-date with my to-do list. And from epically failing at completing  all my task, I learned their is still much work to be done as far as my productivity.

Nonetheless, in order to know what needs to improve you have to fail at something and somewhere. So if I could encourage anyone that is struggling with checking off your to-do list and getting goals accomplish; it would be this: don't beat yourself up. Practice makes better!

The more time you take whining about how bad you are or how you suck at getting things done, remember this; in order to have a solution there needs to be a problem.


With that said, here a pretty easy solution to dull and boring workwear- " a beautiful printed skirt". I love skirts, they are so feminine and add so much variety to your wardrobe.

The skirt I am wearing today is a DIY pencil skirt I made recently. I had this fabric for such a long time and completely forgot it was here. I found it while re-organizing my sewing area and I automatically thought this would be beautiful as a skirt. It adds a hint of boldness, without being over-powering and can transition effortlessly from office to play .

Though, I do not work a traditional 9 to 5 anymore, I think workwear should not be dull. It is always best to have pieces in your closet that:

1. You can transition to a night out for drinks/dinner with friends or colleagues

2. Always shows a piece of your personality. If you work in a place that is more traditional- think of adding pieces such as this skirt that add style but still doesn't have to many bold colors

3. Are versatile, you can wear this with several other tops and accessories and  instantly you have a different look.

Style is an expression of your true self onto the world.
— Nathalie Philipe

Photo Credits: YrvensJ



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