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Building Your Wardrobe With The Right Basics.

Building Your Wardrobe With The Right Basics.


Hey Beautiful People!!! Happy New month to you all.

We are in march, it seems the year just started and it's quickly rolling by.  If you are like me I know you are anticipating spring anxiously; to see all the beautiful flowers bloom, color all around I can't wait. I am too excited!

My closet is happy too, as I have been trying sooo hard to minimize the amount of black in my wardrobe. I believe I have don't really well, so far and I hope it continues.  Speaking of wardrobe, I will be adding pointers here and there on how to build a transitional wardrobe. Doing so, will save you money and ensure you are not dressing simply for trends but stepping into your own style.

We all can critic fashion but style is like your personality, its unique. Before anything else, you have to understand one thing, no one can tell you, your personal style is wrong. It's an external reflection of who you are. It speaks for you when you walk in a room. Needless to say we want to all show the best version of ourselves. My hope is that, you will discover your personal style, revamp it and/or be bold with what you already know.

Here we go!

1. Buy basic pieces

These are pieces you can mix and match. You can transition them from season to season, and most importantly does them up or down. Keep in mind basics are not limited to the following items: plain white t-shirt, black pants/ skirt but add a little flare.

Get pieces with a little bit of edge or unique detail that captures the eye. For basics stay within these colour palettes; grey, blacks, earth tones (dark greens, dark blue etc). Trust me earth tones add flare to your outfit, it gives a settled edge and lastly they can be worn together effortlessly.

My basic today is this grey tie-front pencil skirt. I made this skirt after reading a history book about the ancient Egyptians; I saw a drawings of a woman wearing a wrap skirt and I thought I should make a skirt that resembled that and behold- a new basic for my wardrobe.

Another wardrobe basics will be discussed in the next style post, keep an eye out. 

Outfit Details below:

Top:  Forever 21 Similar here

Skirt: Made by me

Shoes: Too long to remember  here

Clutch: Made by me

Hat:  here

Photo Credits: YrvensJ

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