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#LBD Little Black Dress

#LBD Little Black Dress

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Hello Beautiful People!!! 

Hope your week was filled with joy and tons of laughter. Here is another edition of essential pieces for a stylish wardrobe without breaking bank. And this staple is one of my favorites the iconic "Little black Dress", and a fashion must have. 

I love the fact that this dress stops a couple inches above the knee, it has the perfect length and a great silhouette.

I bought  this dress from Zara during their end of the year sale, and it was worth every penny. I am so craving this off-shoulder version I found  here and this more modest style here.

If you have not already invested in a LBD, I urge you to do so, right away. Whenever, I have a last minute invite or can't seem to figure out what to wear I run to my LBD. I have 3 version, hey! I love options. 

I have this strapless number shown here, a quarter sleeve number with a little more wiggle room and lastly a long sleeve option in  case  I am at a more formal event or I might just get cold. You never know, that is the beauty of being a woman - being prepared. 

Your style is an ode to the world.
— Nathalie Philippe

When did the dress become so popular? and why women can not go without it?  Check out my quick history lesson on the "little black dress" here. Its so worth the read. Don't  just wear clothes because their pretty or on trend, everything has a practical use and a history behind it. You will be surprised by the stories clothes tell.

Photos by Laurel Creative


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