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Who Created The Little Black Dress?

Who Created The Little Black Dress?

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.
— Coco Chanel

Chanel said it best, " black has it all". And every woman that has ever worn a dress they know there is something about a well tailored black dress. It brings out a certain elegance out of you. While we all  know the "little black dress" aka LBD; the origin of the ultimate wardrobe staple has not fully been credit to one specific person. 

Many have accredited Chanel, others Jean Patou but one thing that holds true is that Chanel was indeed one designer that revolutionized womens wear all around. However, it was in 1926, after a publication in american vogue showcasing Chanel's version of the LBD, that the designer gain so much publicity for creation of the little black dress.  Vogue compared Chanel's little black dress to Ford's Model T calling it "Chanel's Ford". 

Of course after Chanel's exposure several designer soon followed with their take on the now iconic piece. Diane Von Furstenberg, later re-introduced us to the wrap dress which quickly became popular amongst women because it connected the simplicity of the little black dress and the wearability of the "draped"garment. 

Contrary to modern belief, black was not always associated with mourning but rather those who wore a completely black ensemble were typically from the wealthier class. I myself have an affinity for the color black; there just seems to be a sense of boldness and elegance associated with it, that is undeniable. A black ensemble no matter, in what circumstances commands attention. And the LBD, with its figure-friendly silhouette multiplies that command.

The years after the Great Depression, the LBD became even more popular in America as the film industry evolved; black was more appealing and favorable on the screen in comparison to colored garments. Not only was this garment taking over women's closets on the european front but American fashion and costume designers made it inevitable for the modern woman to not partake in what seemed to be the redefinition of "female elegance".

The Little Black dress, was everywhere, in film, in couture house and now in women's closets all over the global. This is one wardrobe staple that is not bound by seasons or fashion trends. I wear to different variations of the LBD here and here.


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