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 Subtle Greens: Monochromatic Tones and Mixing Them Painlessly

Subtle Greens: Monochromatic Tones and Mixing Them Painlessly

Hello Beautiful People!!! 

A new month is upon us and quickly we are pushing on a new year. I pray all your goals are being met and you are working relentlessly to create the life you want. Keep pushing.

I have been so fascinated with monochromatic looks lately, and I am learning more and more about colors and tone mixing. There is so much to learn out there you guys. Clothes are just not pieces of cloth but together to keep us from being naked. They have so much meaning and history that I am continuously blown away. Learn a little more about the history of your clothing here

Now to this outfit! I used green as my base for this monochromatic look and it the tones work much better than I expected. Never be afraid to try something new, it just might work; this outfit proves it.

I love cold-shoulder tops because it gives you the option of showing a little skin without revealing too much. There are costless silhouettes, from loose-fitting to more fitted options such as this one in a ribbed knit fabric; I am wearing. This fabric feels so good on the skin,  I love it. I've been search relentlessly for a similar material.

On to this skirt and this velvet material. I love love this material, it is super soft and has a sheen that makes it look so luxurious; plus it has an amazing stretch.

I created this skirt after watching a movie and was instantly captivate by the silhouette. Having the split on the side does something for me, I feel sexy without feeling restricted because my split is to high or awkwardly placed. This is definitely a skirt you can transition from work to play without any issues. Garments like this are the best. 

And definitely, check out the link for my clutch, I am currently selling my clutches on Etsy. Go check them out and support of course.

Outfit details below:


Top:  Similar options I love  and love

Skirt: Handcrafted by moi! coming to you soon

Shoes: Similar here

Clutch : Handcrafted by me-  here

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