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Summer Elegance: Staying Chic Yet Cool

Summer Elegance: Staying Chic Yet Cool

Hello Beautiful People!!! Hope you are getting a great jump on what seems to be a super hot summer, literally.  I am not complaining about the amazing sunrises, or the beautiful colors but I can truly do without the sweating. I hope God answers this pray soon, cooler afternoons please.

Nevertheless, I  am super happy having relocated to a new state. It is a huge adjustment, however you will hear more about that on my Instagram and Facebook, so keep watch to see what I am up too.

Now into this outfit. I purchased this dress on sale last fall for summer because it was so light weight. I love a good sale especially for non-staple pieces. I only splurge on items that are super versatile and timeless, and I advise if you are going to shop-shop wisely for yourself and your bank account's sake. Heck! We have too retire soon, save when you can.

This dress is awesome and a steal because one it is long and fits my 5ft 9 figure perfectly. Dresses are always too short or big, hence why I often make my own. Secondly, you are able to dress it down like here while running errands or meeting up with friends and differently dress it up as you will see in my next post.

Check out outfit details below.

Dress:  Similar options I love Stripe and Taupe

Shoes: Similar here

Bags: Structured Bag : Forever21 - Similar here

Shopping Tip:

By the way this material is very airy and light, so it doesn't trap the heat; which is a A++. In purchasing summer dresses try pieces made out of cotton, chiffon and a light polyester blend. Read your garment labels, so you won't regret your purchase after one wear. And buy your fall garments, during spring as they are so much cheaper and your summer pieces during fall, its okay to buy a few trendy pieces but always choose personal style over what is trendy.

I will be posting a more dressy option with this dress for a date or a night out in a few days. You will be able to compare and see how versatile a maxi- styled dress can be especially during summer.


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Summer Elegance PT2 :  Dressing For A Night Out

Summer Elegance PT2 : Dressing For A Night Out

Mirror Mirror: Are you just another reflection of the masses?

Mirror Mirror: Are you just another reflection of the masses?