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Playing In The Snow

Playing In The Snow


Sometimes it is good to play in the snow. To watch the flakes fall and for a moment, a brief moment be a kid again. I can't say I've had the opportunity to make snow-angels or have a snowball fight as a kid; having lived in the tropics all of my life. But, this special winter, I created my own memories of a snow day. And yes, I definitely had a snowball fight and I completely understand why kids like it so much.

You forget how cold it is outside. Or maybe it was because I was so bundled up. Hey! I am an island girl after-all, I can't take any changes. We will not discuss how many layers I had under this sweater  but just know I was warm. 

This outfit, it all about simplicity and comfort. 

My main goal however, lately has been staying warm; of course, not forgoing style.


This simple look was achieved using an oversized sweater I thrifted while on vacation late last year. Whenever, I buy sweaters I personally like to buy them 2 to 3 sizes above my normal size because I personally like the versatility of an oversized sweater. 

You are able to pair them with jeans, tights (like I did below), and even cinched in the waist using an oversized belt paired with a pencil skirt for an effortlessly work-look. 

I always prefer to add a pop of color whenever I wear black and white; and the easiest way to do that is to use accessories. I have been obssessed with this dark burgundy color this season, it just seems to complement everything.


Why oversized should be your go to for the winter months:

- Extremely versatile: You can wear them in so many ways-pants, tights and my favorite over your fav pencil skirt.

-Comfortability: There is a lot of room by even going a size up. Easy to move around especially when you are bundled with layers. And believe me you will have plenty of room to layer up, 3 layers even. Is that too much? 

-Transitional: This of course applies to your lighter sweaters or over-shirts. They can easily transition as dresses for the spring months. Clothes should always be transitional, if not what's the point?


It's always good to have a little fun while you create. Do not limit your capacity by being so serious.


Outfit Details below:

Top: Thrifted

Coat: Thrifted

Boots: Forever21

Bags: Marshalls Find, Check out this previous post here, for details.

Bottoms: Forever21


As always, Peace, Love + Great Coffee.


She Wore Truth

She Wore Truth

Patience: The Key To Winning Daily.

Patience: The Key To Winning Daily.