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Fallin' for Fall

Fallin' for Fall


Fall offers us an opportunity to change, an open window to re-do and undo. It is that ripe time in the year where what has taken place before can become a foundation to what is to come. Winter is around the corner but we know that soon after spring, will come and all the hard work we’ve put in during the hibernation months will bear fruit.

I am so thankful to live in an area where I get to see the seasons; and fully enjoy all that they bring minus the inches of snow. So, as the new year is in full swing stay focused on the goals you have set and the foundations you have built. If you have yet to do either, this is a reminder that a fresh start can happen at any moment - you only have to decide to go for it.


Today’s outfit is simple but transitional. As you all know I hate creating waste and the fashion industry with the constant trends each season plays a huge part in that. I believe if you can not use your clothing throughout the seasons than they are just not worth the money. After all, clothing should be a reflection of who you are and being trendy does not give much room for that.

I am wearing a two-year pair of jeans from American eagle which I love because they are so comfortable and can transition from work casual to a night out. Button up top from forever and a super -comfy fleece sweater from the men’s department at Target. By the way the men’s department at many retailers is an undiscovered treasure chest for sweater for women, especially my tall sisters.


Let me know what are some of your favorite spot to shop as a tall girl. Looking for new gems.

As always, Peace + Love


Lessons every 20' something learns the hard way

Lessons every 20' something learns the hard way

#Handcrafted High-waisted Circle Skirt

#Handcrafted High-waisted Circle Skirt