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#Handcrafted High-waisted Circle Skirt

#Handcrafted High-waisted Circle Skirt

A-line skirt_4240.jpg

One of the many problems with being a tall gal and finding close that fit is- never finding a skirt that is actually a midi. It seems it is either too short or it is actually an ankle length midi.

Skirts are the worse. Let’s not even get started with pants. These uncertainties with finding clothes that fit and flatter my body has pushed me to sew more and more pieces that are tailored for my body and height. I figured if I can not find it in a store why not make it.

So, I did just that!

This skirt is the perfect example. A midi made just for me. The more I design more pieces for my wardrobe, the more I fall in love with clothes. A handmade piece makes you feel extraordinary knowing that a garment was cut, sown and designed just for you.

I can’t explain it. So I am making more and more of my clothing and skipping the drive to the mall.

Below is my DIY high waited circle skirt inspired by the elegance and glam of the 50s.

What do you think?

A line edit_4289.jpg
A line_4354-1.jpg
A line edit_4289.jpg

Have you made anything lately? Let me know what and what inspired you to make your most recent piece.

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