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Lessons every 20' something learns the hard way

Lessons every 20' something learns the hard way

I just turned the big 30 and with that milestone came much reflection and meditation on my life and the lessons I’ve learned. It still very shocking saying I am thirty. It seems just like yesterday I was 21; a very breaking time for me. I felt free; at least I thought until 25 came around and reminded me that I still had many lessons to learn.

Sadly, the lessons are not as easy as they look in the movies, where you have some type of awakening that tells you the secrets you need to be a better being on this earth.

I am here to tell you no such thing exist. We are young and that means we will make mistakes. You heard it enough any way. Some call it youthful bliss. Whatever it is we learn the best lessons through experience. And experience has taught me these lessons—some the hard way.

The world owes you no recognition

Everything in life comes through work, and work will provide you with all you need. Money, necessities etc. Somehow we have come to believe otherwise. The world owes you but one thing space for your footprint that is it. You have the right to live that has been given to you God; now who you decide to give power on how that life is lived is your choice.

Broke friends make bad financial advisors

Friends are here to encourage to aid you in this journey; however be mindful that everyone has their strength and weakness. And when it come to money having the wrong type of people around and in your bank account is detrimental. Simply said if the friends you have issues managing money they are simply not the ones you need when it comes to money.

However, it different if you both realize there is an issue that needs to be fix, then an accountability partner is never a bad idea. This applies to every area of your life, not just money. If someone is failing in an area they are not an expert and they themselves need help and that is okay.

Love is not a game to be played with

Love is love. It is not something to be messed with; whether it is the love of a child, or a romantic partner —people’s emotions are not to be played with. Love happens naturally, it has been this way for centuries and centuries and long after we are gone, it will remain as so. Love is a natural thing. Do not manipulate people into loving you, sympathizing with you or caring for you. The essence of love is that it requires no tricks to occur. It just is.

Your Parents are not your enemy.

Growing up in a culture of meddling parents and curfews, I know too well how easy it is to make a parent an enemy. But, as I have gotten older, I realized some of my greatest mistakes was not communicating with my parents. They have their bizarre way of doing things but in hindsight I realize they just were poor communicators.

And like many of us, they were wingin’ this parent thing with the best intentions given what they had learned from their parents. You will not always get them, understand their reasoning; but what you can control is your own actions and reactions. Take it easy, reflect on what they are saying without defenses and you will see the warnings and lessons clearly.

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You get to make mistakes.

It is oookay to fail.

It is fine, we all do it. We mess up, we don’t listen. We skip a class or too, dated the wrong person when we knew he/she was not the right one. We have all done it and for some we will continue to do it until we learn our lesson.

Do not beat yourself up. Life is such that we make mistakes and learn from them. They are not here to destroy us, but to educate us on what is right and what is wrong for us and our situation. Embrace your mistakes, take them as moments of victory. You have survived and now have the opportunity to do better and be better.

It is your life, live it well. DO not dwell on regrets. Live it as if it were your last and with all that you do; know that a few years from know you will look back and realize how much of a better person you have become because of all the occurrences in your life.

Live well my friends.

As always, Peace + Love

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