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New Chapters: How Do We Start?

New Chapters: How Do We Start?


Everyone that’s ever read a book will tell you that every chapter finished with a complete sentence. At least the books that I’ve read. They have a “period” marking an end of a sentence than a few more empty spaces. However, I think some chapters in life should be incomplete.

I’ve watched myself do my best to complete a chapter in life. Whether it’s trying to figure out what went wrong in the last relationship or what I didn’t do on my last project. I’ve been obsessed with “finishing” the chapter with a clear understanding of what went right and what went wrong. And I realized that sometimes in life, we should just start a new chapter. No conclusions, no explanations, or thoughts.


Why would I say that?

Because we spend so much time pondering that we lose sight on something new. Listen carefully, well read carefully. You shouldn’t close all chapters within an incomplete, just some.

Stop pondering what if.

And go do.

That’s why I stopped wondering. I was taking up the wrong space in my life.

I had recently moved to a new city in 2016. Salem, New Hampshire. I knew I wanted to move in 2015. In fact, I told everyone I wanted to move. I wanted to move so badly in 2014, it took 2 years for me to realize I could move without finishing my “chapters”. I didn’t have to be on the best note with everyone. I didn’t have to please my mom in this chapter. I didn’t have to please my family. I didn’t have to have everyone agree. This chapter was okay, incomplete. So I moved.

Maybe you’re looking to make a transition, I say go for it.

I would spend another year going back and forth, secretly asking the questions of “why did I..” until recently, I realized somethings I won’t understand until I’m old. And somethings I’ll die never understanding. And that’s why life isn’t a period, life is full of commas.

Happy transitions


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