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DIY Peplum Top + Pleated Culottes

DIY Peplum Top + Pleated Culottes

Hello Beautiful People!!!  I hope April is treating you well. It is yet another month and again another stretch to getting closer to the finish line. Whatever that line may look like for you. I must say this month took me by surprise, I expected a lot of action straight ahead but instead have found myself in deep silence. I have gained a deeper appreciation for meditation; which has improved my thought patterns and decision making greatly.

First lesson learned in the month of April:

 Silence the noise.

Learn to take time out of your day to allow your mind to re-energize, it is necessary that you re-gain focus. Even if it is 2 minutes out of your day, it's vital to make sure you are making decisions out of a place that is beyond your emotion and feelings. So as you move along in this month, remember to "silence the noise".  Take a couple of minutes out of each day, to benefit a lifetime of healthy decision making.

While your getting your mind and body in sync don't forget the external.. Spring offers so much versatility and the ability to experiment with various colors, prints and textures. This week's outfit showcases just that; prints, colors and just the right amount of surprise. But, the best thing about this outfit is that it's all under  $50. What girl doesn't like a bargain?

 My top was originally an XL button-down shirt I bought at my local thrift for $4 dollars which I designed into this beautiful peplum top. And the culottes (it looks like a skirt but its really pants)  were also a great thrift find for $5 dollars; last but least about half a yard of fabric for the black portion of the top.

It was super easy to convert this top into a cute statement piece. If you all would like a tutorial/ post on how you can convert your oversized shirt into a top like this comment below and let me know. 

Outfit Details :

Top:  Thrifted Buttoned -up Shirt Refashioned

Bottoms: Thrifted Culottes

Shoes: Zara,  Similar Here

Photos by Laurel Creative

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Peace, Love and Great Coffee!!!


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