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  How the meaning of community changed in a generation of communicators

How the meaning of community changed in a generation of communicators

 Gone are the days of long flights and rotary phone calls, we are able to communicate with family and friends in living color. Thanks to platforms such as facetime, whatsapp and most recently instagram live and snapchat. Individuals in rural countrysides to those in manicure streets can easily connect without issues. However though all having all these tools we are vastly disconnected. Is that we have things to easy? We don’t have to put much effort forward so we don’t value the advances we have.

Social Media along has become the form of communication in this time; from political candidates to the ten year old down the street everyone is sharing and talking.

Do we talk to our friends anymore or just follow their instastories and ultimately feel connected. And think oh well, theirs no need to call them; I see what they are up too. Isn’t it hilarious how are connections have been limited to watching someone’s life like a television show.




1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.


  “How has the meaning of community changed?”

Do we no longer see community as a mutually interactive place where growth flourishes? When I say growth, I am not referring to our follower count. Don’t get offended, we all actively use these platforms and often recognize the great things that come with a social community.  This in no way is a blame onsocial media, I strongly believe that social media just an amplified version of the burning issues of our generation. We no longer sit in coffee shops to read, or hold genuine conversations with each other but rather do so for a photo-opt or instagrammable photo. The areas of our lives we portrait is often the few moments of intense happiest or created happiness to display a life we wish we live.

While the online community has open doors to places we often would have never visited; we often visit no because of a quest to connect or understand a new culture but rather to join a hashtag series.

If you are not a community driver person,  no matter your follower count, engagement metrics you will not have a true community. Contrary to believe a person’s follower count is not reflective of theirinfluence or net worth. People follow people for different reasons; individuals with a true community even when the masses turn the attention to the next hot trend will still have influence. They have build a village, no matter where they go people will seek to find them.

As a copywriter, I encounter clients who seemingly have a great social presence but yet their subscriber/ tribe list is not reflective of that. If your community stay and never ventures off to complete other actions, you have an issue. Do you truly have a tribe?

You have no true community, you are nothing more than a past time entertainment for people who will never buy a product or hold a real conversation if you ever meet. It is better to have a few hundred villagers than thousands of lurkers that are just passing time waiting for the next trend.

How do you do this?

1.     Treat people like people not a number

a.     You will not meet or interact with everyone but attempt to understand those that are joining you on your path. As you listen they listen.

2.     Community needs communication

a.     If you have people that have been with you from the start, acknowledge that. Those that constantly interact and engage, get to know them. Instagram offers Dm messaging so does FB and the many others.

3.     Forget the follower count.

a.     The best form of marketing has and will always be “word of mouth”. People share with people the things they love and connect too. Connect with your audience beyond the numbers and you will be a lasting name. Ask for your users to way in on the very things you are offering. I completely disagree with the saying “people don’t know what they want until you tell them what they want”. Simply because, if that’s your view you will have a buy but never a royal customer. Which would you rather: someone who purchases something and tells another “well I never used it” or one who will purchase, share and defend your product if need be.


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