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Pretty Lady Like

Pretty Lady Like

To live a healthy life is too live a simple life. I embrace this with everything I do. I like to think of what is truly essential to me as an individual. Sometimes I fail epically at doing that; but with every failure it strengthens my conviction and will to continue. So, now your wondering, "what in the world does that have to do with your outfit ?" Plenty.

Whenever, I put something on, my first question to myself is " How do I want to feel today?" Secondarily, upon choosing something out of my closet I ask this follow up question " Do I feel like (what it is I stated with the first question)?" and if my response doesn't support the first question. Well, on to the next outfit. Many of you will think, well I don't have the time to do all that. Yes, you do. It takes less than a minute to zone in on how your feeling and seconds for your body to response. Starting your day right mentally will do wonders. Invest in you and you will reap great wealth. 

Needless to say with this outfit, I wanted to be feminine effortlessly and when I put this on. I felt just that. I felt beautiful, confident and lady like.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love skirts and the good pencil skirt give me life. This particular pencil skirt was an amazing thrift find that took my breath away the minute I picked it up. It was one of those things that you know was meant to be yours. Every time I put it on, it makes me feel so graceful. And the fact that is a mixed between a pencil and wrap skirt makes me love it even more. Perfection! 

Check out outfit details below:

Top: Forever21 here

Shirt: Thrift Find - similar here

Shoes: Steve Madden here

Clutch: DD Discount - similar here


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