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She Wore Acceptance

She Wore Acceptance

It isn’t enough to say, “I don’t care what others think of my body or style” when the loudest voice is the one in your own head. 

What I believed about my appearance limited the freedom to completely accept my body shape and personal style.  Negative body image developed from toxic relationships, and over time I became self-conscious about my natural body shape. I wore the acceptance of others.


Why did I care anyway?

Enough was enough!

I had to unlearn. I hired a fashion stylist/model to help me change my wardrobe and received the unexpected.  She taught me confidence, patience and how to have fun with fashion.  Additionally, she showed me the type of clothes I should wear for my body type, and challenged my “why” for wearing or not wearing certain outfits. The beautiful bombshell did her homework before meeting me at my home.  She studied my style, what outfits I needed to retire (based on social media posts) and what I can incorporate in my wardrobe.  If I wanted to create my personal style and improve my branding then I had to get serious about my outward appearance.

I needed consistency...which required a shift in my mindset.

My fashion session turned into a morphing counseling session. The process involved inner reflection and trying to get to the root of why I was attached to “baggy” clothes.  My stylist reminded me how much weight I lost, how beautiful I am, and that I can no longer “wear” what I learned over time – harbored emotions and other people’s unhelpful opinion on how I should dress. Oftentimes it was difficult to accept compliments about my curvy shape.

Where did I get this thought process?  

I wasn’t always like this as an adult; honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out. I committed to a “Yes” fashion journey for the remainder of the year and in other areas that require my attention to be emotionally healthy. I’m so glad it’s not a race, but an opportunity to be a woman who embrace her curves and style.

I find it rewarding to unlearn. It allows me to be vulnerable with fashion experts, and my closest fashionista friends, about insecurities regarding my wardrobe and if it's aligned with my brand (Watch Me Morph). Watch Me Morph affirms transformational change by seeking justice for what matters – YOU.

I look forward to days when I can scroll through Pinterest and pin an outfit that I want to purchase. Or, my favorite pastime, go through my closet to mix and match clothes such as the ones I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

Admit it. It’s exciting when you stop wearing the opinion of others once you decide to wear self-acceptance.


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