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She Wore Truth

She Wore Truth

I was born the quintessence of perfection; naked, pure, and true to all that I was meant to be. But As I grew,  perfection looked less like me and more like television programming. My essence was waning, and society, with its contorted truths and monotonous ideals, waxed at my expense. 

My saving grace was my subtle and innate stubbornness. I could keenly sense the illegitimacy of my freedom, so I was curious to experience the real thing. But like most of us, I was conditioned to believe that fear kept me safe and that risks would land me either in hell, prison or  on the FBI’s hit list.  Yet still,  the waves of freedom and truth feverishly crashed unto my soul. 

Yet still, the waves.png

Music and her teacher began my metamorphosis. For 14 years my spirit lay dormant; feeling little self-worth other than the bit offered by white Jesus. Then came along “bird lady,” we called her at first, but Mrs. Nixdorf was her name. Through music, I was emboldened by freedom’s dances and truth’s whispers. I was talented, powerful, and purposeful. 

Nevertheless, my systematic indoctrination had been effective and fueled the ever-present fear for my curiosities. Relinquishing societal assumptions of who I was, or should be, was a harder task than I imagined. I suffered from premature shame, failure, and anxiety. What remained of me were insecurities, a young woman struggling to fully accept her divinity. 

But the ocean’s waves relentlessly pushed further inland until I was head-deep in my transformation. I became daring and began to live life naked, true, and bold. My soul was being fed, so discerning illusions become muscle memory. Owning myself taught me how to heal from past trauma. I no longer felt the need to blame the external influences of my living conditions because I was forever master.

If there is a rebirth, internal freedom is it

If there is a rebirth, internal freedom is it. Often it feels like I’m seeing, feeling, tasting, and living for the first time. I embrace each moment with openness and caution because the only risk I’m not willing to take is the one that prevents me from living my truth.”



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