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Taking Ownership For The Life You Have

Taking Ownership For The Life You Have

Being true to yourself comes with one simple acceptance, “I am enough”. Seem simple enough but knowing you are enough goes beyond the hashtags and just verbally saying it.

Being enough requires you accepting that you accept the past mistakes, the pains, and present situations as your own.



You own your crazy and are willing to take steps to improve.

So many of us are battling a battle of self-acceptance and self -esteem because we keep asking “why me”?.

Its hard and while your situation appears worse than everyone else’s know that there is someone one out there, who is dealing with something she thinks is the worst thing ever and is saying “why me?” as well.

We all have a “why me?” life.

Own up to your part in creating the life you are currently living in. At some point, you had a chance to make a choice; currently what you are living in daily is a result of that choice. Many things considered, know that all of them led you to here. Where you presently are.

You are in complete control of your life. God would have it no other way, He saw you fit to live the life you are in. So take control of it.

Forgive Yourself!

Forgiveness is realizing that you can not change the past.

We are daily making decisions; you and I, are settings life in motion with every decision.

With every decision there is a risk, there is no perfect choice. Learn to forgive yourself, stop holding yourself hostage for not being perfect. If we were all perfect decision makers, we would be billionaires, with no problems. We all work, our work just looks different.

Everyone on this earth is solving a problem; which means there are mistakes everywhere.

All of those problem solvers are also asking “why me?”

Easy was never a guarantee but strength is. You are strong enough to deal with it, if not so you would not be living it. Noone can make decisions concerning your life but you, there will be guides along the way that assist but the final choice is always yours.

That’s how capable you are.

Power is already in you, you don’t have to search for it anywhere else.

Start focusing on the good that is already present, so that it will magnify. It’s hard to see any positive when the negative is what you are zoned in on. The pain comes as a warning to get your attention, pay attention enough to learn the lesson and then let it go.


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