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The Curse of being Female?

The Curse of being Female?

They say to be born a woman is to be cursed and I cant help but wonder why. Are we still not over the apple incident ( okay, I am joking…). But seriously, is female a curse that even the young must be punished or perhaps we need to get over being female. Being able to say I can't, because they will not let me. To boldly do, not because you are female, not because you are told that’s what good girls do. But to fully articulate who you are without wondering, am I too boisterous? Did I say too much?

  Does being female equate to being property. I am not a feminist and truly I could not fully understand all the stance of a feminist but I have always been a curious child. So, I am curiously asking is being female a curse?

Do I raise my children, boy or girl with the pretense of above? Should I teach my son to always say what he means with confidence and my daughter to limit her speech so she doesn’t threaten him. Is one child greater than the other that she should be cursed because she is female?

How does it feel to be female at work, at school? Are you expected to curtsey like a princess, poise and polish? Is my intelligence fooled for rebellion or aggressiveness? Am I labeled an angry feminist because I dare to voice my opinion or maybe I am just an angry female? How do I articulate myself so I may not offend, how must I say what I mean without saying what I mean?

We are a group of broken women raising infants who eventually become broken children, who replay the same gender issues. Yes, a man must lead and protect; however I don't believe that should be at the expense of the female mind. Any individual that is restricted in expression, is limited in thinking. No matter the feats countless women have made many have done so in competition of a man very rarely in partnership, this supercedes the limits of a female but greatly affects our household. 


Are females cursed? How must we educate our daughters that soon become mothers to raise their children?


Love to hear your thoughts.


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