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Transition: Your ability to respond to the changes in life

Transition: Your ability to respond to the changes in life

Don’t you find amazing how we are one day formed in the womb as embryos and before we know it, we are adults juggling this interesting thing called “life?” We get to witness associates groom into becoming friends and sometimes relationships. We even watch the phase of having part-time jobs to having careers.

We transition from being responsible for just ourselves to see the intimidating reality of being responsible for a significant other and possibly children. And THAT is where I have experienced the greatest transition of life, which I still am figuring out daily. The transition of the “two becoming one” and the “one”!

Growing up, I use to hear this saying - “you’re not ready for the real world” and sadly, no one elaborated on what this “real world” consisted of. Eventually I learned what the fuss was all about. I had to learn that going from one phase to the next phase of life has mainly one thing to determine if you will succeed or fail. That is the transition of mindset. Often we prepare the bridal party, the honeymoon, the savings, the house, but we fail to prepare the most important factor in the huge transition in life, which is the mindset.

I personally went from being an independent teenager to becoming a wife at the age of 18 and a mother at the age of 19. I’m always asked, “how did you do it at such a young age?” Now that I am reflecting, I know it took transitioning from one state of mind to another.

I had to begin with the mindset of response-ability. In other words my ability to respond to the needs, to the good and to the not so good.. It meant being able to respond to responsibility! The responsibility to balance time with giving attention, providing care, being a companion, and simply being the manager of home. I had to learn that before reaching happily ever after, there was a lot to respond to before getting there.

Equally important, was deviating from a selfish mindset and cleaving unto selflessness, which meant learning to submit to my union. To submit to my love one was easy, but submission to two people becoming one was quite difficult. I easily responded to my spouse’s need, however, the difficult part was allowing him to answer to my needs.

Why? Simply because before marriage I always did for myself and for others wanting nothing in return. Simply, afraid of anyone ever holding over my head that they did for me. Again, the mindset of selflessness.

Lastly and most importantly, the mindset of maturity! Having the ability to focus on each day at a time responsibly. Also understanding that what is done with each day must contribute towards the days to come. Including but not limited to: having a financial plan for those after me; being emotionally stable to answer maturily to the hardship that comes to the union (ladies that’s a big one)! Physically maintaining or bettering the body and health my spouse fell in love with. And exercising godliness throughout everything.. Having the mindset of maturity will help to move in wisdom and avoid taking steps that would be detrimental to tomorrow.

Whatever transition in life you’re about to walk into, whether it be marriage, parenthood, a new career, etc. requires you to be able to walk into it with a positive mindset.

Leave negativity behind, be optimistic, be consistent, and be true to you.

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