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Trust Yourself Enough To Trust Others

Trust Yourself Enough To Trust Others

As the seasons change and we transition from fall to winter and so forth; we experience life within the confinements of those seasons. The earth is bound by seasons and as we ourselves feed off the energies of this place we call home. We succumb to its seasons as well.  In this season I am learning to trust my instincts. To know that I know, that even when everything around me does not confirm what I know and believe, I must believe.

Life happens and the tolls, the experiences we have, take a significant toll on who we are as individuals and our belief systems.



We lack the ability to trust our selves and those around us; our first reaction when something goes wrong is to blame someone. You blame yourself and after that doesn’t work then we're out seeking someone else to place the blame on.

Trust is so strong, it allows you to be dependent, it humbles, it gives hope. Trust will cause you to do unexplainable things, now many of you will think- I can’t trust anyone.

Yes, we all battle with this continuously and for many, it’s a daily battle.

But picture this what trust you are unable to give, is the trust you are unable to exude.

At the same moment, you are saying “I can't trust anyone” you are inevitably saying “I can not trust myself”.  Those are the words you are truly uttering; to trust yourself is to trust that I am making the right decision. I trust myself enough to know I am making the right decision to let this person in.

Trust your gut.

Many will say I have a feeling about this person I can't trust them. Nothing is ever black and white; however, trust always starts with you. If you find it hard to trust others it's  likely you find it hard to trust yourself and your decision-making. Trust is not about spilling your guts to a stranger or having open arms but it is all in the ability to decipher who and what opportunities you trust yourself to be faithful in.

You will never find a trustworthy friend if you never open your self up to trust. Trust has nothing to do with the other parties but starts all with you and your ability to discern.

Have you had trust issues? How did you overcome them? and what are you doing to make sure you don't fall into the same spiral?

Love to hear your thoughts.

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As always, Peace, love + Great Coffee.


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