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What Is Purpose? And What Does That Mean?

What Is Purpose? And What Does That Mean?

“Are you living out your purpose? And what does that mean?”


I have heard this question asked, answered and re-asked again so many times; but with every encounter, it leaves me wondering more. What is this thing called purpose? What does it look like- feel like?

Is it waking up pumped to go to work? Is it the number of visa stamps in your passport or perhaps it is the readership you have. What is this thing call purpose? Does it just fall on your lap and from then on you inadvertently cannot contain yourself anymore in the day today?

I have often heard people speak of purpose as the flame that ignites your fire. For those that are living out their purpose or rather living on purpose, does life change? Do you seize dealing with the mundaneness of everyday life? Are your mornings fully charged? I often used the phrase “carpe diem” but then I thought to myself am I truly seizing my day? My day didn’t look drastically different the day before, really it wasn’t.



Now in the age of social communities, and borderless communications; if all that was gone would it all still be viewed the same. Would living on purpose be limited to the current conversations or would we work a little harder at tangible encounters? Would we still view purpose as an engine that requires an outside nudge to run? If there were no applause, affirmations would what you are currently doing still be considered living out purpose.

Living on purpose meanings living and doing even when no one sees, or understands and for many loving on purpose will mean giving up your personal freedom. For many who came into what they believed was their calling on this earth, they were willing to give all to see it execute. So many have done so before us, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou and the list goes on.

This was spark by a conversation with a friend, as we sat down and discussed the evolution of man. And we began to think of the internal triggers within a man that causes him or her to forgo fear, forgo pain to do one thing. That thing to us has been titled "purpose", the unexplainable force that causes a man to remove every inch of doubt and gain supernatural insight into life.

Are you living out (your) purpose? What does that look like to you? Love to hear your thoughts.


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