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What now after you've given up?

What now after you've given up?

What happened to Just Manou?

If I charged a dollar every time I hear that, I’d probably be rich. I thought 2015 would be my year, I had the idea to create an album, write a children’s self-love book, and of course be YouTube famous. All that went straight to the can, trash and maybe the bucket outside my house. A lot of people don’t know this, only a few who asked to know the snippet of it. I think it’s time that I share why I no longer make videos and no longer want to make an album.

For those who don't know me, my name is Manoucheka Larrieux. Better known is as Just Manou, I started off as not having a stage name until one day someone called me something and I responded with I am Just Manou, no title, no super deep name just "Just Manou". Manou was supposed to be this artist who traveled, got to meet celebrities, sold out concerts until these things weren't Godly motives. I wanted to share my faith in a different way, I'm not saying that these things aren't possible maybe it wasn't the right time. I kept this name because Just Manou is who I was or still am, I am more confident because of Just manou.

Let's start from the beginning, Everyone seems to be happy for me when I announced that I would create an album in the same year. That’s not even the whole I started making YouTube videos and people were even for informed about my move. I totally believed that this could happen. Me wanting to do an album I’m not even sure if God wanted me to do it, I just said it and TRIED to act upon it. I got my lyric book and started writing again, I mean can I be honest there was some good stuff.

I reached out to people I knew who were great at making beats, I got a good amount. I just needed someone to record and edit. The one who created the beats for me wasn’t an expert yet so I reached out to someone else and that was pretty difficult. Not much response from the person when I made it clear to them that I had no money to make this.

I know what your thinking, well Manou what did you expect? I completely agree with you. I thought having faith was enough to pay off the producer to record me. I mean not entirely true but I wanted him to know that the money wouldn’t come as fast as everyone but I was willing to pay whatever. Not sure whether that scared him away but It was his last time I spoke to him. This didn’t break me, I was even more determined to do this. I created a Gofundme page so that all my followers and family would support me and I got a total of 100 plus dollars. I took a flight to New York and all the producer's address. When I got there my super Haitian aunt at the age of 24 was not allowing me to step out of the house.

When I explained to her why I came here, of course, it had nothing to do with me seeing her lol. She was a little lenient. I went to my first gig, I got to perform and everyone loved my original song and man I thought I could meet a producer he would fall in love with my style and I’m going up from there. But that’s not what happened, Nothing happened, I performed they loved it and left. I made plans to go to Wyclef studio and the distance didn’t match up to my bank account.

I was completely devastated. I thought to myself God you said a mustard seed I took a flight, lost my job, and was completely broke and I’m about to go home with nothing. From that day forward I told God I was going to do all the normal stuff, finish school, get married and have children, and do ministry. I know what your thinking, why give up?

I don’t think I gave up, because how can you give up on something that wasn’t supposed to happen.

 Photo by  Fab Lentz  on  Unsplash

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash


I came back down on a mission, I got a job the week I came back from New York, and even a better job after that. I finished my Associate’s after seven years {Read all about that on my website} and continuing my BA. I'm getting married to the greatest man in the world.

No kids yet. I must say I am completely happy with where I am at. Will I do the album? Will I start recording videos again? My answer to you right now will probably be NO. But don’t worry at least your reading my work right now. So I'm not finished yet. I want you to know as a believer that not everything will go accordingly. If you’d like to continue with what you are doing? And you believe God wants you to? Then do it.

But for those who feel like there is no turning back, find something else to do, it’s okay to go another route if of course, God allows it.

What is Manou doing these days?

  • Still blogging
  • Promoting Good health "Not certified"
  • Trusting God ever every Step of the way
  • Learning to trust God

Failure is never the end but a stepping stone to start building again.


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