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Hello Again Beautiful People!!!  Hoping your week thus far is productive and filled with style. This week's post I am sharing a monochromatic style with you featuring this beautiful handcrafted fish tail skirt made with some beautiful ankara print I received as a gift years ago. For those that may not know, monochromatic is simply selecting one color and using different hues/shade of that color through out your entire outfit. I personally didn't have to do too much work because my skirt took the guess work out the way; because it had all the shades I needed ( disregard the fact that my shoes look green in these pictures, its truly not). When one key piece of your outfit makes you look effortless- you nailed it.

Now that, that's out the way. Back to the matter at hand this outfit; I had this fabric for almost a year before I could decide what to do with it. This was way before ankara became such a huge trend in the states, my friend's mom brought this and several other beautiful prints for me to play with from Senegal. I made a laptop bag at first, and still had this lying around and decided to make a skirt after I saw a picture from Haiti. There was this lady in an old 1960s photo wearing a beautiful fitted skirt only hers was longer and I was instantly inspired. 

Years ago as a kid, I remember that everyone in Haiti got there clothes tailor-made, foreign bought clothes was around but not as popular as they are today. If you had a major event, church etc. you would buy your fabric and have your pieces custom made by the local tailor that was the epitome of style. I know several communities worldwide still do this till this day but sadly to say, that thinking is slowly declining in my country. I personally will always go tailor-made over mass-production there is something about tailored garments that just seem to change the way you feel in a garment. When something is made for you it is made for you and fits as such.

Hope you enjoy! Outfit details below:

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Top: Don't Recall - similar here

Skirt: Made by me - similar here

Shoes: Sam Edelman similar here

Clutch: DD Discount - similar here

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