Smooth Like Velvet


Remember the first time you touched a baby's skin? Smooth, velvety; like running your fingers through silk. How can you match that? Right.

I believe that clothing should feel just like that; it should feel like a second skin.  No matter the style or fashion, clothing should be comfortable, it should allow you to move effortlessly and caress your body.  I know it may sound extra but that is exactly, how this dress feels. 

I want to be wrapped in it, literally. 

So I thought, what is the closest I can come to that thought. "A wrap dress!" Wrap dresses offer sensuality and oh so coveted sex appeal and this beautiful velvet fabric just complements everything.  I made this dress by first making a dress pattern from scratch; I must admit it was a rough draft and I was very scare that it may not come out as I envisioned. 

However, I was very happy with the final product. I feel so sexy and feminine. I can't fully find the words to do it justice. 

The fabric was purchased from  a while ago. It's a stretch velvet that comes in several beautiful colors, the blue and forest green being my favorite.  I purchased the stretch fabric because I also wanted to create a pencil skirt. Which I did and it was beautiful, see it here.


Check out the  details and leave your thoughts below. Was this DIY a win?


Outfit Details:

Dress: Made by me

Jewelry: Forever21

What fashion pieces are you currently craving? I would love to see some of your DIY pieces as well.



As always, Peace, Love + Great Coffee.